SHAME on Us!
(An Essay About Dachshund Dogs and Our Dominion)

Comments about this article, submitted by Tracy T -- a lover of the Dachshund breed

Bellgamin writes --

I'm so angry and sad that I could spit!

My Fault, Your Fault, Everybody's Fault

My pal Kuro, a dachshund aged 9, has a really bad back problem. All he can do is hobble around. Poor little lad. Can't raise his head up. Obviously in pain. My heart aches to see him suffer so.

The vet is giving him shots, so he's getting better little by little. Please pray for Kuro.

I'm mad about this -- at me, and at the whole human race.

  • Why? Because Kuro's suffering is largely our fault.
  • Why is it our fault? Because we have acted in direct disobedience to a command from God, that's why.
  • Let me explain...

Dr. Frankenstein's Dog Breed Standard

I surfed the web last night, seeking the advice of other dachshund owners about helping Kuro.

I found several large websites devoted to the breed. In each and every one of them, two topics especially caught my attention. Namely...

  • Each website stated that back problems are frequent among certain breeds of dogs, such as dachshunds and corgis. They further stated that these problems were caused by the fact that the long backs and short legs of these breeds create an inherent weakness in their physiques, resulting in a strong tendency to develop back ailments.
  • Each website also published the "standard of the breed" for dachshunds. This standard is used for judging dachshunds at dog shows, determining breeding goals, and so forth. Guess what! The dachshund standard MANDATES that this breed will be long-backed and short-legged.
In other words, the websites of dachshund fanciers actually advocate the very physical structure that leads to illness and disability in the breed they claim to love!

How sad.

God's Design for Health VS Mankind's Design for Disability

The fact is, God never designed the dog to be structured like a dachshund. The dachshund's physical configuration is man-made.

  • Dogs descended from wolves. Wolves are not structured anything like dachshunds. Why? Because God designed wolves, and He designed them to be healthy.
  • On the other hand, we humans designed dachshunds, thus distorting their little bodies to the point that they are severely prone to physical disability.

We Have Failed in Our Dominion

In Genesis 1.29 God commanded the human race to have dominion over every living creature. With that dominion comes the responsibility for us to care for and nurture animal life.

  • In line with our God-given responsibility, it is clear that we should breed animals to be strong and healthy.
  • In the case of dachshunds we have done just the opposite.
  • This is true of other breeds, also. For example, bulldogs are short-lived simply because we breed them to have noses that are so pushed in that they are no longer efficient for breathing.

Stop Breeding Dachshunds?

Am I saying that we should stop breeding dachshunds? Not at all.

  • Dachshunds are one of the loveliest creatures on God's green earth.
  • They are adorable, loving, brave, loyal, and smart. I wouldn't want us to lose these dear little creatures or change their personality. No way!

We Needn't Empty the River; Just Raise the Dadgummed Bridge!

What I ask is that dachshund breeders CHANGE the standard of the breed.

  • That is, the standard should be modified to eliminate the extreme nature of the long-back, short-leg requirement.
  • The breed's appearance will become somewhat different, of course, but the breed's heart, mind, and persona can be kept ALL dachshund.
  • And, under the new standard, dachshunds will live longer, healthier, happier lives.

What's Your Opinion?

If you agree with me, I ask you to talk to God about this. Also, talk to your friends who are dachshund fanciers. Thank you very much.

Agree or disagree, I would love to hear from you on this topic.

Aloha to you all,


Comments on this Article
by Tracy T.

There are a lot of things that you are very correct about in your essay which I applaud you for by the way.

Most people that buy Daxies are not aware of their potential back problems, but these problems are very much preventable in so many ways! For example, Daxies should never ever be overweight or have a lack of exercise. Obviously just like us humans we all need a proper diet to maintain a healthy weight, and a healthy muscle tone to support our bones.

Additionally, the reason why people are told not to let their Daxies jump on and off of furniture is of course to prevent this problem. I happen to know several Dachshund breeders whom have never come across this problem in their many years of breeding, and that is why I strongly suggest to everyone I know the importance of buying a purebred dog from reputable breeders only.

I am personally acquiring a Standard Smooth male show puppy from a kennel in Calgary, Alberta, Canada which I am very excited about! He will come from a long line of very healthy, smart, and beautiful Dachshunds from all over Canada and the United States. I have been successfully breeding and showing Shetland Sheepdogs under the prefix "Mystic" since 1990, and figured that it was time to get the beautiful Daxie that I've
always dreamed about!

In closing, I'm deeply saddened by your story about your little guy and I hope that things are better for him now. I just hope that your essay doesn't frighten future Daxie owners, but educates them on how they can prevent these problems.


Tracy T.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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