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Bible Bell often gets messages from people asking us to explain alleged errors in the Bible. That is, they want us to explain cases where one Bible passage appears to disagree with another Bible passage.

We do answer these messages. However, this type of research is usually very time consuming so we ask folks to limit themselves to one message per week, with one question per message

Given below are two helpful sources for your use in researching Bible errors -- namely, books and websites.

Books we have reviewed

We have reviewed the following books and recommend them for researching alleged Bible errors

  • "Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties" by Gleason L. Archer, Zondervan Publishing, 1982 -- to date, this is the best resource we have found on this subject.
  • "Today's Handbook for Solving Bible Difficulties" by David E. O'Brian, Bethany House Publishers, 1990 -- some okay stuff in here, but not very scholarly.
  • "Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible" by John W. Haley, Baker Book House, 1977 -- probably out-of-print but might be able to chase down a copy for you.
  • "A General Introduction to the Bible" by Geisler & Nix, Moody Press, 1968 -- this book doesn't directly address Bible errors but is an excellent resource for any serious Bible student who wants to learn what makes the Bible tick.
  • "More Evidence that Demands a Verdict" by Josh McDowell, Campus Crusade for Christ, 1975 -- offers an in-depth examination of historical evidences for the Christian Scriptures. (Suggested by Jeffrey R.)

Books we have NOT reviewed

We found the following books on's website and have NOT reviewed them. In fact, we can't even be certain that they are Christian books. If you read or browse through any of them, please share your comments with us.

  • "Foundations of Biblical Inerrancy" by David R. Nicholas, 1978
  • "Inerrant Wisdom : Science and Inerrancy in Biblical Perspective" by P. Seely, 1989
  • "Toward a Mature Faith : Does Biblical Inerrancy Make Sense" by Clayton Sullivan, 1990

Websites that give answers to alleged Bible errors -- a preliminary examination indicates this site might be the best of the lot. However, searching this site is a demanding task. -- The name of this site is Christian Humor & Apologetics. An odd combination, don't you agree? Any way, don't let the title throw you off. This site has some superb links to apologetics, including those covering Biblical inerrancy. It loads slooow but well worth the wait.

Tekton Apologetics Ministries - THE place to start looking for answers. Another super-slow loader but well worth the wait!

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