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Index - Page 1 Beginnings: Adam, Eve, & Original Sin Bible: Origin, Inspiration, & Translations
Angels: Good & Evil Beginnings: The Universe & All Therein Bible: People of the Bible
Apologetics Bible: Definitions of selected words Bible: Questions & Problem Verses 
Angels: Good & Evil Can Satan read your mind? Can Christians be demon possessed?
The origin and nature of angels Jude 1.9 - Archangel Michael VS Satan (mano-a-mano)! Angels on the head of a pin?
Satan Part 1: Beginnings

Satan Part 2: Rebellion
Why doesn't God destroy Satan?
Part 1 (short study) | Part 2 (in-depth study)
Is there an *Angel of Death*?
Satan Part 3: Kill the Messiah!

Satan Part 4: Satan's Destiny
Does God still allow Satan to enter Heaven? Also, does God allow Christians to be tempted by demons?  
Apologetics (see also Bible questions & problem verses) How can God send children to hell? Analysis of 1 Corinthians 13.10 Are some of the Spiritual gifts "out of date?"
Why does God permit suffering and evil? Crucifixion - on which day? Did Jesus make a false prophecy? How can mental illness be called a "spiritually shaping experience?"
When a Christian Doubts God God's judgment of unbelievers Is God fair? Are slavery and racism okay with God?
Election - Does God show favoritism? Soul sleep? Are the souls of the dead asleep in their graves? Since God knows my future, do I REALLY have free will?
Evolution -- are Christians ducking the issue? Did Jesus really die or merely swoon? Musings on Miracles 
Predestination Has science disproved the Bible?  Peter's 3 denials of Jesus - apparent discrepencies in the accounts by Matthew, Mark, & Luke 
Eyewitnesses to the Resurrected Christ    
Beginnings: Adam, Eve, & Original Sin Did God "clone" Adam to make Eve? What if Adam and Eve had not sinned?
Did God change the seasons when Adam & Eve sinned? Is that why they began wearing clothes? Did Adam and Eve need to sleep? Did Adam understand what God meant by "you shall surely die?"
Did God tell Eve about the forbidden fruit? Why did Eve exaggerate God's command? What kind of death befell Adam & Eve? Could they have been saved?
Did Adam eat the fruit because he loved Eve? Were Adam & Eve allowed to eat animals in Eden? Can you believe in Jesus but not believe that Adam & Eve is a true story?
What if only Eve had eaten the forbidden fruit, but not Adam? Did Adam & Eve discuss God's command to not eat the fruit? Could the serpent really speak?
What is a female-adam? What was the skin color of Adam and Eve?  
Beginnings: The Universe & All Therein Origin and nature of the heavens and earth How could God create light before He created the sun?
Evolution -- are Christians ducking the issue? Why God created YOU And God created... MUSIC!
What are the differences between humans and animals?    
Bible: Definitions of Selected Words Apostle (versus) Disciple
Holiness of God
Kingdom of God
Swaddling clothes
Bible: Origin, Inspiration, & Translations Those "hidden" books of the Bible (the apocrypha) Bible translating practices for "YHWH"
How did God give us the Bible? What Jesus said about the Bible The KJV is compared to a Jewish Bible version with regard to selected Messianic Prophecies

How to understand your Bible
Intro | Part 1| Part 2

Which Bible version? - A table to help you compare the KJV, NAS, NIV, NRSV, NKJV, and YLT The Bible - a topical study of key verses about God's Bible, based on the Westminster Confession of Faith.
Bible: People of the Bible Mary, the mother of Jesus  
Bible: Questions & Problem Verses (see also Apologetics) How could Jesus not know certain information? Was incest okay during the days of Genesis?
Define "selah" What did King Solomon want with apes? Did Judas Iscariot repent after he betrayed Jesus?
It seems God did not object to people lying in the OT. Is this so? Who were the Nicolaitans? Where did Cain get his wife?
Explain Matthew 16.19 - the key to heaven Specific example of a possible error in the Bible Questions about the Israelites in the Exodus from Egypt
Why did lifespans get shorter after Noah's flood? Road to Damascus - analysis of two allegedly conflicting Bible passages Why are Christ's geneologies different in Matthew & Luke?
Does God speak out loud to people nowadays? Did God "clone" Adam to make Eve? Do our pets go to heaven?
How do humans and animals differ? What does the Bible have to say about "Senior Citizens?" Who are the oldest people in the Bible?
Matthew 19.17 - Did Jesus deny His own goodness? Isa 9.6 - Why is Jesus called "the Everlasting Father"? On the cross, why didn't Jesus drink the wine mingled with gall?
John 2.4 Did Jesus rebuke Mary, His mother; & thereby dishonor her? Gen chapters 1 & 2 - Do the creation accounts CONFLICT with each other? Mail: Parable of the Prodigal Son -- Did BOTH brothers get rewards?
#1- What about the innocent children who died when God destroyed Sodom?

#2 [follow-on to #1]- Is God a "baby killer?"
Dead men walking What happened to the spirits of Old Testament saints that appeared in Jerusalem? Mt 27.52-53 Mt 26.69-75, Mk 14.66-72, Lk 22.54-62 The Bible has 3 somewhat differing accounts of Peter's denials of Jesus. Is this a Bible error? 
Jacob deceived Esau and Isaac, yet God blessed him. WHY? Is Satan still allowed in Heaven?
2 Chron 18.18-22
Mail- Why did God punish Ahab's son for Ahab's sin? 1 Kings 21.29
Would God ever send a lying spirit? Is there a "point of no return?" in rejecting God?    


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