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Bible Study: Books & Software You Should Own Doctrines and Creeds- Overview People: Christians: Spiritual Gifts
Bible Study: Techniques & Tools To Aid in your Bible Studies God: Theology Proper People: Christians: Victory & Lifestyle
Bible Study: Self-Teaching Quizzes God: Jesus the Messiah People: Disabilities, Sickness, Dying, & Death 
Bible Study: Special studies God: The Holy Spirit People: Human Needs, Problems, & Counsel 
Bible Study: Books & Software You Should Own Recommended books for Bible study Books for researching alleged Bible errors
Computer software for Bible study  Table: WHICH Bible?
A comparison of major English-language Bible translations
Bible Study: Techniques & Tools To Aid in Bible Study Table: Distances walked by Jesus & disciples Table: Seas of Israel Table: Names & Titles of God
1-year chronological *Bible Reading Plan* Table: Feasts of the Bible & their prophetic significance Table: Titles & Offices of Jesus
Tables: New Testament quotations of the Old Testament: 1) Most quoted OT books 2) Most quoted OT verses Table: 40 parables spoken by Lord Jesus  Table: The precious stones of the Bible, as used in the priest's breastplate, & in the foundations of the New Jerusalem
Table: Number of chapters, verses, & pages for each book of the Bible
Table: Judges, Prophets, & Kings of Israel & Judea Table: Hebrew Calendar of Biblical Feasts

How To understand your Bible
Intro | Part 1| Part 2 

Table: WHICH Bible?
A comparison of major English-language Bible translations
Bible Study: Self-teaching Quizzes Quiz: Genesis #1  
Bible Study: Special studies Side-by-side Bible study of blessings & woes in the book of Matthew Side-by-side Bible study of the book of Revelation - Introduction & Index
Index to Archive of Daily Bible Lessons    
Church How to get rid of your pastor Should women be permitted to teach in church?

In search of the perfect church
Bible study | Devotional study

Invitation to a wedding - a rejoicing by the bride of Christ! Oh Yuck! Hypocrites are in the church.
Marital status of elders? Church-ianity VS Christianity The *right* church
Doctrines & Creeds The Apostles' Creed The Nicene Creed
The Athanasian Creed    
God: Theology Proper God's personality God's love
Understanding God's will Trinity: the FULNESS of God Why does God permit suffering and evil?
The Image of God The Bible refers to God as "Father" and "He." Is God male? Is God's personal name "Jehovah"?
Names & Titles of God - a Reference List Athanasian Creed: an ancient Christian manifesto re the Trinity The nature & attributes of God 
The Purposes of God from Systematic Theology, Lecture 77 (1851), by Charles W. Finney - a complex but enriching classic for intermediate to advanced Bible students.    
God: Jesus the Messiah Jesus - is He God? A comparison of verses on Christ's Deity Jesus - His work before time began
Crucifixion - on which day? Who is the Messiah? When was Jesus born?
The two genealogies of Jesus Did Jesus really die? Why did He wait 3 days before being resurrected? "Yahweh our salvation" -- another name for Jesus?
Did Jesus drink wine? Invitation to a wedding The church as the bride of Jesus the Messiah Athanasian Creed: an ancient manifesto re the incarnation & 2 natures of Christ
Table- Titles & Offices of Jesus Eyewitnesses to the Resurrected Christ  
God: The Holy Spirit Holy Spirit -- Who He is Holy Spirit's work on the first day of your life
Why Holy Spirit does what He does Holy Spirit's gifts to YOU Holy Spirit - Is Pneumatos Hagiou a Person or an "it?"
People: Anthropology: nature & purpose of the human race Is there a difference between a person's soul & spirit? {the 3 parts of homo sapiens} Are people TRULY in the image of God?
Why God created people    
People: Christians: Spiritual Gifts Spiritual gifts - are they out of date? Holy Spirit's gifts to YOU
Guidance and poems on the gift of helps    
People: Christians: Victory & Lifestyle How to resist your flesh and the devil A Christian, huh! Who do you think you are?
Are you a FRUITY Christian?

Doubts about God
1-Biblebell's study|2-Glen's comments
3-Charles' comments|4-Mike's doubts

Mail that covers several issues- Does God tempt? The difference between testing & temptation. How MUCH pain can you bear?Now that I'm a Christian, what does God expect of me?
Mt 5.34 - Should a Christian NEVER swear to tell the truth? Should a Christian charge interest when loaning money? Do you have to go to church to be "spiritual" or "Christian?"
A Catholic asks about anger Is gambling forbidden by the Bible?

MAIL- Now that I'm a Christian, what does God expect of me?
Message #1 || Message #2

Does a Christian really have two natures? What happens to a Christian who commits suicide? Is it okay for a soon-to-be-married Christian couple to live together?
Love my enemies? You GOTTA be kidding! Christian Chat Rooms on the Internet What it means to be "born again" 
Will Christians be judged for sins? Will Christians go through the Tribulation? Tattoos - does the Bible forbid a Christian from getting a tattoo? 
How much $$$ should you give to God? How to make decisions Turning the other cheek: Must a Christian be a pacifist?
If Jesus *conquered* death, why are people still dying? From article "Is there an angel of death?" 1 Can you lose your salvation?
2 Can you "fall away" from salvation? The problem of Heb 6.4-6
Is it a sin to: 1 drink alcohol? 2 eat red meat, or strangled animals?
Will God punish my family for my sins? 1 Kings 21.29

MAIL: Must I forgive those who sin against me, yet refuse to repent?
Part 1 | Part 2

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly- some of the best teachers who God sends you are NOT nice people! Prov 24.30-34

What Jesus taught about *Blessings* & *Woes*
Part 1

Index of our articles on *prayer*

Christian hypocrisy|Good VS Evil
Allure of sin|Christian living

Index to Archive of Daily Bible Lessons on Christian Living The amazing power of gentle words

How To understand your Bible
Intro | Part 1| Part 2 

People: Disabilities, Sickness, Dying & Death My loved one died unsaved. Is there no hope? Is cremation contrary to the Bible?
What about the death of innocent children?
Age of accountability
2 Children who died because of God's judgments [Sodom, the flood, etc.]
At death, does a Christian's soul sleep until the Lord's return?
BibleBell's Answer
| Rich's Answer
What happens to a Christian who commits suicide?
If someone gets sick, is it because they sinned?
I Felt Her Infirmities marc weinstein's gut-wrenching testimonial about sickness & suffering    
People: Human Needs, Problems, & Counsel How can I deal with my anger, hatred, resentment? Human relationships - how to "get along" 12 facts that can change your life!
Coping with depression, sorrow, & feeling deserted by God
Part 1 | Part 2|A helpful Bible study
Bible verses for counseling Verses grouped by categories of human needs The Lap of God verses of comfort & peace

Avoiding & Solving Marital Problems
Part 1
| Part 2 | Check List | Love Quiz

How can I deal with my doubt? Theophostic counseling Is this new counseling technique an answer to solving life's pains & problems?
Trials of life Consoling the bereaved Adoption



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