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Index - Page 3 People: Sin & Other Facts About Humans Terrorism - War on Terrorism
People: Love, Marriage, Sexuality People: Salvation, Law, & God's Eternal Plan Uncategorized Topics 
People: Nations: Arabs Prophecy: Judgment, Heaven, & the Future GUEST WRITERS - Studies & Testimonies by Guest Writers
People: Nations: Israel Religions: Non-Christian Religions and Cults  
People: Prayer Statement of Faith: Bible Bell's Beliefs & Goals  
People: Love, Marriage, Sexuality Is it okay for a soon-to-be-married Christian couple to live together? God's laws & views on human sexuality
Avoiding & Solving Marital Problems Part 1 | Part 2 Self-Test on Knowing When Love is True Mostly for men - about marriage
Mail- Should a wife *unconditionally* forgive her unfaithful husband? Mail - When dating, how far can you go -- without going "TOO far?" Q&A about divorce, remarriage, and adultery
Does the Bible put wives in a lower status than husbands? What does it mean to "submit"? God's counsel for wives  God commands you to submit to your husband, BUT -- what if he is disobedient to the Word?
What then?
God's counsel for husbands  If your wife feels more comfortable baring her soul to ANYONE other than you, then you are NOT doing your job.
Mail: Should I confess my sin of adultery to my spouse? Mail- Personal Relationships: What is "yoked?" How can I recognize a fellow "believer?"  
People: Nations: Arabs What does prophecy say about the Arabs?  
People: Nations: Israel Who is a Jew? Does a Jew who believes on Yeshua cease to be a Jew? Israel, Palestine, and the Promised Land
Did God show favoritism when He chose Israel? 12 Tribes of Israel - a reference table *Mailbag* 1- Lost tribes? 2- Division of the land among the tribes 3- Why is Dan omitted from the book of Revelation?
Table: Judges, Prophets, & Kings of Israel & Judea    
People: Prayer Does God hear the prayers of non-Christians? To whom should we pray, and in whose name?
What the Bible has to say about prayer - Verses about where, when, how, & what to pray Prayers of the Bible by D.L. Moody Reading this short article can inspire & strengthen your prayer life. Christine's Prayer Request It will touch your heart AND convict your soul, as well.
Hindrances to effective prayer    
People: Sin & Other Facts About Humans Are people TRULY in the image of God? Why God created people
Wanderers in the mist Searching for answers to evil and sin Does God hear the prayers of non-Christians? Sin is beautiful ...and other thoughts to ponder
Is there an unforgivable sin? Will God punish my family for my sins? Is God's forgiveness a *license* to keep on sinning? Would God ever send a lying spirit? Is there a "point of no return?" in rejecting God? 
People: Salvation, Law, & God's Eternal Plan

God's Eternal Plan & Covenants
Part 1 | Part 2

God's 10 Commandments
Grace versus Law A rejoicing!!! Was there salvation BEFORE Jesus died? How to be saved
1) Can you lose your salvation?
2) Q&A - can you "fall away" from salvation? The problem of Heb 6.4-6
Does every child that dies go to heaven? Is there an "Age of Accountability?" 1) Must a person be baptized in order to be saved from his or her sins?
2) Too horrible to be baptized?
Election: Did God show favoritism when He chose Israel? What it means to be "born again" Old versus New Covenants - priests, animal sacrifices, sacrifice of Jesus
Election - does God show favoritism among the unsaved? Can people who have never been exposed to God or Jesus be saved? Mail: Should Christians obey the Law of the Sabbath?
Election- a devotional about WHY God chose Jacob, despite the fact that he deceived his brother & father *Atonement!!!* - blood money for the wages of sin. Election- "To Whom He Has Revealed" by marc weinstein (on being chosen to know God)
Prophecy: Judgment, Heaven, & the Future Will Christians be judged for sins? Will Christians go through the Tribulation?
Why should you read & study prophecy? Heaven - 19 Topical studies about your future home  The Second Advent of Lord Jesus to Planet Earth
Who is a Prophet of God (and who is NOT)? God's judgment of unbelievers (the Great White Throne) Who is the Messiah? 
What are the signs of the Lord's return? Are we living in the "Last Days?" Will we be able to eat food after we're resurrected? At death, does a Christian's soul go to sleep until the Lord's return? 
The Rapture An in-depth study Signs of the coming Tribulation Why God doesn't destroy Satan & sinners
Rewards - does God show favoritism among the saved? An army of 200 million soldiers during the Tribulation? How much time will pass between the Rapture & the Tribulation?
Prophecy - an In-depth Study of the sequence of selected Bible prophecies

Prophecies of Messiah, fulfilled by Jesus
Part I | Part II

Analysis of the 70 Weeks of Dan 9.25 
Mail- Are your loved ones in Heaven watching you?

Prophetic Significance of the Feasts of the Bible
Summary List

March 2003 mail- What is the prophetic significance of our soldiers crossing the Euphrates? Who will be Left Behind at The Rapture? Did God allow a witch to raise Samuel's spirit from the grave?
2005 Mail 2002 Mail
Religions: Non-Christian Religions & Cults Who is a Prophet of God (and who is NOT)? Did God allow a witch to raise Samuel's spirit from the grave?
2005 Mail 2002 Mail
Does the Muslim religion forbid "holy war" and terrorism? WICCA, witchcraft, magic Bible verses that seem to indicate God's tolerance for idolatry & witchcraft
Statement of Faith: Bible Bell's Beliefs & Goals BibleBell's Doctrinal Statement BibleBell's Goals (plus 2 stories about faith)
BibleBell's Policies, Caveats, Covenants, & Disclaimers    
Terrorism Fear of flying Does the Muslim religion forbid "holy war" and terrorism?
Terrorism & Mob Demonstrations -- two tools of failed governments Quotes to Ponder in the 9-11 Era Psychological warfare by terrorist organizations 
Biological warfare (bioterrorism) Should a Christian "turn the other cheek" against terrorists? Codes of Conduct for the Armed Forces, and for YOU 
Uncategorized Topics What is the fish symbol on Christian bumper stickers? Does the U.S. Constitution require the separation of church and state?
The death penalty -- Yes or No? Musings on Miracles Blessings & woes - Matthew 5 & 23
Is the cross a pagan symbol?    
GUEST WRITERS: Studies & Testimonies by writers other than Biblebell Sovereign Reprobation - a treatise from the viewpoint of Calvinist theology, by Dr. Julian Kennedy  The Importance of Orthodoxy From "Heretics" by G.K. Chesterton
Lunchtime in the Garden of Eden An essay on original sin, by Bill Givens Testimony & Song: "Our Daddy" by Charles N.W. The Purposes of God from Systematic Theology, Lecture 77 (1851), by Charles W. Finney - a complex but enriching classic for intermediate to advanced Bible students.
To Whom He Has Revealed by marc weinstein (on being chosen to know God)    



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