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Links for school safety and violence prevention

National School Safety Center NSSC offers...

  • publications and training on school crisis prevention and response
  • resources for parents and educators
  • links
  • school safety studies

And much more.

  Colorado University Center for the Study & Prevention of Violence CSPV gives information on violence-prevention programs being used by various communities and organizations in the U.S.A. Click on their "Blueprints" button to get right down to details.
  National Crime Prevention Council NCPC offers several excellent articles and resources for prevention and response to school crime.
  Directory of Driving Schools Links to good driving schools across America, plus "Do's & Don'ts to help train new teen drivers"

Links for helping young people with emotional and behavioral problems

Boot Camp for Teens The site's "Who We Are" link provides the following statement...

Teen Placement Service is not a school, or an admissions company for a school. We are a company dedicated to helping parents find the right school or boot camp for their child. This is a more objective way to place your teen than actually calling a school directly. When you call a school directly they may only have one option for you. They will try to make it fit, even though it may not be the best option for your child. We have many different placement options available to you, and we won't try to make your child fit into a program that he or she doesn't belong in.

Whether you are interested in a wilderness experience, a boot camp, a military school, or a traditional boarding school, we can provide you with facts important to your decision making process.

24 Hour Hotline: 1-800-781-8081


Teens at Risk Help For Parents Of Troubled Teens -- Boarding schools, wilderness therapy, boot camps, and residential treatment facilities.

The site's "About Us" link provides the following statement...

We are an experienced group of professionals who are dedicated to families and teens in need of assistance. Our highly trained and experienced staff works for you in finding the best possible outcome to the issues being faced by your family and your child.

24-Hour Parent Help Line 1-866-986-9643


American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Resources provided by AACAP include...

  • facts for families
  • questions & answers about child & adolescent psychiatry
  • glossary of symptoms and mental illnesses affecting teen-agers
  • links for additional information
  • guidelines for helping children and adolescents after a disaster
Christian Boarding Schools - This organization is in the business of helping parents of troubled youths find placement out of the home for their children.  
Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled
- Is your teenager using? Explore
treatment options including: Boarding Schools,
Residential Treatment Centers, Boot Camps, and
Military Schools for Defiant Youth.
  Insight Pros - Parenting Relationships and Troubled Teens - Teen Pregnancy, Suicide, Bulimia, anorexia treatment, anxiety attack, panic attack, bipolar, addiction, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc.
Grace Christian Home & Academy for Girls, Shreveport, LA - A Christian group home and boarding school for teen girls. Their write-up says, in part:

"Send us your daughter (between the ages 12-17) whose behavior includes something along the following: Hostile, causes family conflicts, rebellious toward parents/authority, sexually active, out of control, intense anger, low self-esteem, school problems, slips out or runs-a-way periodically, lies/deceitful/untrustworthy, manipulative, occasional or moderate drug/alcohol usage."

Here's another link (same outfit) --
  American Academy of Pediatrics - Preventing Teen Suicide
  Boot Camp For Struggling Teens - Options for parents who are considering a juvenile boot camp for their troubled teen.
  Top Flight Academy - Top Flight is a boarding school treatment program for troubled teens. Top Flight Academy specializes in treating teens dealing with bipolar disorder, ADD, ADHD, substance abuse, oppositional defiant disorder, teen depression, anger management, teen suicide, and a variety of other issues.
Parent Resources || Partners in Parenting
Guidance, advice, resources, and options for parents seeking help for adolescent and teen ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, suicide, substance abuse, depression, eating disorders, etc.
  Military School | Boarding School | Bootcamp
Guidance, advice, resources, and options for parents seeking help for adolescent and teen ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, suicide, substance abuse, depression, eating disorders, etc. Provides information to parents of struggling teens about options for troubled teens including specialty boarding schools, residential treatment centers, drug treatment centers and teen boot camps.

According to their website, they will be happy to assess your son or daughter and assist in the enrolment option that will be most effective for you and your teenager.
  Troubled Teens The "Parenting Teens" website offers helpful information for parents of troubled teens.

At that site you can find an abundance of valuable tips for parenting teens and other teen issues.

Links for Parents

National Network for Youth -

Each year more than one million youth and families are served by National Network member agencies.

Members operate out of agencies, community centers, classrooms, storefronts, houses, vans and on the streets. They provide safety, shelter, counseling and social, health, educational and job-related services.

Additionally, the National Network and its members promote the positive development of youth through community service, peer education, alcohol-and drug-free teen clubs, drama groups, adventure-based programs, and youth involvement on governing boards and other decision-making bodies.

In all programs, the National Network emphasizes youth and adults working together to improve conditions for young people."
  Christian Parents Information Network
  Parents For Christ -- A ministry providing resources to families
  American Youth Work Center- A non-profit organization dedicated to helping people help youth.
  Abstinence Education & Teens - The SHARE Program ( sexuality, health, and relationship education )

Huffing - Learn the shocking facts about how inhalants can kill YOUR son or daughter...

  • Over 700 deaths have been reported just in the last 6 years from inhalant abuse, sometimes called huffing, sniffing or bagging.
  • Most products used to huff are legal, common, everyday household products. They are quite safe, when used as intended, but become DEADLY POISON when inhaled.
  • Some of the products that young people use to get high include: hair spray, air-freshner, gasoline, paint thinner, freon, areosol whipped cream, butane, propane, key board cleaning fluid, vegetable cooking spray, & helium.

Sadly enough, many parents & kids have no clue as to the dangers of inhalants. Visit this website -- a memorial to a lost son -- to learn more.

More Links for and about Teen-agers

Christian Internet Surfboard for Kids & Teens ( - Christian sites homepages, chat, schools, links, sports, games, churches  

FFA - The National FFA Organization FFA is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of young people by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

  • The FFA's 455,306 members and 7,226 chapters represent all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
  • FFA is a diverse organization, operating in rural, urban and suburban schools.
  • Students aged 12-21 enrolled in agricultural education programs are eligible for membership.
  • Membership in FFA offers opportunities for making friends, learning, travel, scholarships, career guidance, and MUCH MORE!
A Teen Quiz - This is an Online Community that brings teens together to share and offer insight into issues that face teens today.  
For Teens facing an unplanned pregnancy Christian Adoption Hotline (CAH) can help you find solutions with a Christian perspective and honor your decisions for you and your child.

CAH cares about you. You're not just a face in the crowd. You've found a safe place at Christian Adoption Hotline. You've found women you can trust with your needs and pregnancy concerns. Though they can't offer a "quick fix," you'll find incredible support, advice, and practical solutions for your pregnancy and family problems…and hope for a tomorrow with a plan. 

Protecting Children from Abuse

American Association for Protecting Children   National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse


National Runaway Switchboard {NRS} - The following are quotations from the NRS website:

Help Line 1-800-621-4000

For Parents - Do you know the difference between normal adolescent rebellion and serious trouble? Are you afraid your child might be thinking about running away. Do you know what to do when she does? Will you know what to do when he returns home after running away? Being the parent of a teenager isn’t easy. We’re available 24 hours a day. We’re confidential and we’re free. Talk to us.

For Teens - Are you having problems at home? Are you thinking about running away? Have you already run away and need to find a place to stay, food, clothing, legal or medical assistance? Being a teenager isn’t easy. We’re here 24 hours a day. We’re confidential and free. Whether you are in a crisis, have a friend who is in trouble, need statistics for a school report, or want ideas for spreading the word about our services, we can help. Talk to us.


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