Poetry Index

Page 34 Anointed for burial
From diapers to Depends - the cycle of life

Away with FUD! - keeping faith in good times & bad
BEST Friend for Journey's End

Book of Life
Because He lives - Easter 2006: Resurrection Day
What else are friends for? - dealing with BAD times
Page 33 Yoked for Life Eternal - serving Lord Jesus
Lullaby for Abba - a love song sung to Father
Renewal 2006
Christmas 2005
Biological Aloneness - ONLY God can truly know you
The first Thanksgiving
Work ethic - serving God in your job
Born twice? THAT'S Life! - born again to eternal life
How to hug a porcupine - friendship in good days & bad
Second childhood - the need for child-like trust in God
Page 32 Love remembers - your name is inscribed on God's hand!
Bath time -- for body & soul - spiritual cleansing & purity
Off the scale! - God's gift of children
God's little saints - God's gift of children
Tucked in... with God - childhood prayers
Dominion - kindness to animals
Golden Anniversary - the marriage covenant
Home at Last - death & heaven
He is Risen! - Christ's Resurrection Day (Easter)
Page 31 Pssst... You are being watched! - you ARE someone's example
If not us, WHO? - shall we help other nations to seek freedom?
The GLORY of defeat! - Death; yielded to God
Past & Future Arrivals - Christmas 2004
God's Word is... Profitable!
Till Death Do Us Part - marriage fidelity
Homesick for Heaven - death and Heaven
Heart in the offering tray - caring for the poor
Two messages to a bride - marriage
Two messages to a husband - marriage
Page 30 Would'a Could'a Should'a - the sin of omission
Restricted Reading (for sinners only)
Sprouts - teaching your kids
Worried? God says: "Forget Me not!
Your secret foe -- Revealed!
Independence Day
Honeymoon 101 - think before chiding thy spouse
Birds never toss & turn - trust God
Marana Tha! - the soon-coming Rapture
Page 29 dear, foolish agnos - apologetics
fuddy-duddy - honor war veterans
Wulfgar, Gertrude, Pepper, Kuro - a memorial to 4 dogs
Prayer in school?
Deep roots - consecrated to God
Born twice, die once - born again
God among sinners? Oh My!
Allegro con brio - singing to God
A rewind button for your life - born again
One nation under ___? - Is America a *Godly Nation*?
Page 28 Bury me in my Cash-Box
Now I lay me down to weep
Foot in mouth disease - mean words can't be called back
Pssst! - salvation
Graduation - Summa Cum Laude! - death & dying
Parent:potter : : Child:clay - parenting
Renewel - a New Year poem
From crown of thorns TO crown of Gold - a Christmas poem
Page 27 Happy birthday, Lord Jesus - a Christmas poem
The church's budget
Light or dark? - a Christmas meditation
God's *senior citizen*
The eyes of love
Friends & enemies
As unto God... Just DO it! - service & ministry
Let your light shine - testimony & witness
Page 26 Overseas, & longing for home - homesick
Waiting for the shout - death & The Rapture
Tired back? Get yoked!
Egg day? NO way! - Easter 2003
Storm at sea in a leaky boat
On Skull Mountain - crucifixion, resurrection
Shaalu shalom America!
Page 25 Nicodemas gets born -- again!
Love can be a *real pain* - love can hurt... even Almighty God
The power of prayer
The cradle & the feed trough - the humiliation of Jesus
A study in black - when prayer seems NOT to help
As the twig is bent - parents and children
If the shoe fits - loyalty unto Jesus
We pray for the cold & hungry - does my church REALLY care?
Page 24 Critters! Does God give a rip? - caring for the animals
All things new & wonderful - new year, NEW LIFE!
God's viewpoint - God works all for good? Please, DEFINE "good."
Birth of Christ
My God, what is a heart? - God loves YOU!
The First Christmas - Luke 2.4a, 2.5-14

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