Biblebell's Policies and Caveats

Biblebell sells nothing...

  • We neither solicit nor accept tangible donations, whether money or otherwise.
  • If God moves your heart to share your wealth, give it to a missionary. Or give it to your church. Or give it to the Salvation Army. Or buy somebody a Bible.
  • We do solicit and covet your PRAYERS for Biblebell. Amen, and God bless you.

Several of Biblebell's pages provide links to the websites of other folks....

  • We do not knowingly link to any website that contains commercial advertisements, or offers goods or services for sale, or is a dot com link, or requires registration or log-in.
  • We wish to make it clear that we have absolutely NO influence whatsoever on the make-up and content of any of the websites that we link to.
  • Sure, we give those pages a fast check before linking to them... but we might overlook something, right? Plus, those sites might change, right?
  • Accordingly, Biblebell emphasizes that the content of those sites is NOT our own, neither do we vouch for their content.
  • If you consider that any website we have linked to is nasty or mean or mis-leading or commercialized, PLEASE PLEASE let us know immediately !

Biblebell does NOT solicit links from other websites.

  • Neither do we "swap links," or engage in "reciprocal links," or participate in "web-rings" -- whether Christian or otherwise.
  • Thus, Biblebell accepts no responsibility for the content of any third-party websites which may have published a link to Biblebell.

Biblebell's pages are best viewed using a computer and monitor.

In other words...

  • This site is 100% browser-neutral.
  • This site will NEVER attempt to invade your privacy.
  • Except by ignorance or error, Biblebell uses no cookies, no scripting, no animations, no flash, no style sheets, no Java nor ANY other type of active content.

By the way, if you have a Google search bar on your browser, it will plant cookies on your computer. Those are Google's cookies -- NOT ours.

Many of Biblebell's visitors cannot afford broadband, or else do not yet have access to it.

  • Accordingly, Biblebell keeps our pages small.
  • Even if you are using dial-up with a slow modem, you should enjoy fast-loading pages on our site.

Biblebell will answer your questions, sent to us by eMail, to the best of our ability. However...

  • God's PRIMARY provision for teaching and counseling you is your own local church.
  • Your best sources of comfort and counsel [humanly speaking] are a Bible-believing, Christ-honoring Pastor, and your brothers & sisters in the Lord.
  • If you do not have such a Pastor or Christian friends, then seek them. With the help of God and in His name, SEEK THEM NOW!

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