How to send Biblebell
a prayer request


GUIDELINES- To make sure your prayer request moves smoothly through Biblebell's security protocols...

  • If your ISP uses white-list Spam Blocking, be sure and ADD to your list of approved senders. Otherwise, you will NOT receive our reply to your messages.
  • Include "Bible66 Prayer Request" in the message's subject line.
  • Plain text only, please- No HTML or rich text. Why use Plain Text?
  • No attachments, please! They won't get past server security.
  • Please send us no more than one message daily, with Biblebell as the only addressee, and covering the prayer needs of no more than 7 or 8 persons. Please do not send *prayer chain* messages to Biblebell.

We WILL reply to you when your prayer request has been posted. If you do not receive a reply, it is because of your ISP's Spam Blockers.

If you need Biblical counseling, your best source is often the Pastor of your own church. However, if you feel you need professional Biblical counseling, you can find some possible sources by clicking HERE.

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