How To Print Our Pages

I sometimes get messages from folks who have tried unsuccessfully to print Biblebell's pages.

Biblebell's web pages are in color, and that can cause some types of printers to freak out. The particular colors I use were selected so as to make Biblebell's pages easier on the eyesight than is true for black letters on a white background. These colors are not artistic, I know, but they do make for less glare.

I do not have the worker bees that would be needed to produce additional *printer friendly* pages for the nearly 500 pages on Biblebell's several websites.

Most any printer can produce an exact reproduction of one of my pages, with all of its colors. On the other hand, if you want to print a black-ink-on-white-paper copy of a page, there are two OPTIONS that have worked well for many others...

Option #1 FORCE your color printer to print the page in Black and White only.

Some color printers have a Settings Option that allows you to select B&W (black and white). If so, use it.

If your color printer does NOT have a B&W Settings Option, you will have to change to a black ink cartridge to print the page. If your printer objects to using a black ink cartridge for printing a color page, tell your printer to do it any way.

Option #2 -

  • On the web page - Use your mouse to highlight all text on the page you want to copy.
  • On the web page - While holding down your computer's Control key, press the C key. This will copy the web page to your clipboard.
  • Open up a blank page on Microsoft WordPad.
  • Position your cursor on the blank page.
  • While holding down the Control key, press the V key. This will copy the web page onto WordPad's blank page.
  • Use WordPad to make minor adjustments to the format of the copied text, then print it.


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